The modern world would be nothing without the predictable and reliable manufacture, distribution and supply of energy. The energy industry is multi-faceted and diverse, comprising a wide range of disciplines and processes.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, SPRL is adept at helping energy companies run smooth, profitable and reliable businesses. We have particular expertise in the following areas.

Our expertise in energy ensures that regulations are met, safety is considered at every stage and environmental impact is limited.

Generating a safe and dependable flow of energy to meet our needs is a demanding task that requires evaluation and management of the technical risks involved in the construction and operation of power plants. Not only does a power plant have to be able to produce a dependable flow of energy but it needs to do so in a reliable, safe and sustainable manner which has the least possible impact on the environment.

With our extensive expertise in the global energy industry and a worldwide network of facilities, SPRL offers a wide range of services to help ensure the optimal performance of your power plants, through the design and construction phases through to operation.